Cultural Festival 2014

Meet the whole world in one day. All in one campus.
Be part of Malaysia’s largest cross-cultural celebration with the Limkokwing International Cultural Festival!

Discover the world’s cultures through a vibrant exhibit featuring unique cultural items, interesting trivia and mouth-watering cuisine. Experience exciting traditional song and dance numbers in full national costumes and Malaysian VIP guest performances.

The Limkokwing International Cultural Festival is an annual “open-house” celebration of global peace and diversity in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. This year’s theme is “Your Ticket to the World in One Place.”


2014 News Highlights

Limkokwing University united a total of 53 countries under one roof to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity at the 2nd year of the annual Cultural Festival on 23 May 2014.

Students, clad in their traditional costumes and jewellery, participated in the event by representing their country’s traditional culture, heritage and uniqueness.

The cultural bazaar featured over 53 booths promoting different countries’ unique cultures, traditions and cuisines to festival-goers hailing from nearly 150 nat.

Ambassador of Palestine, His Excellency Dr Anwar Al-Agah graced the event and was delighted to be with young people from around the world.

“Congratulations to everyone. Thank you for the good opportunity to see different cultures across the world in one place. It is a fantastic experience,” said the ambassador.

The crowd then gathered around the stage to watch the stunning cultural night performances by the students.The event concluded with the prize giving ceremony where Indonesia bagged the Best Cultural Performance award with India and Palestine coming in second and third places respectively.

The Best Booth prize was awarded to Venezuela followed by Palestine and Sri Lanka. As for the Best Cultural Costume, Lobna Elgheriani from Egypt (Female) and Anders Refsland from Denmark (Male) were recognised for their impressive traditional costumes and look.

Limkokwing students have learned to live under one roof despite their differences in ethnicity and culture. With students from across five continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia, the university has over 10,000 students from 165 countries.

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